Welcome to Faidros Music & Letters. 

Faidros is run by Otto Martin Christensen, Ph.D. I offer cultural services within three main domains.


With higher music education and many years of performing experience in my luggage, I compose music based on the classical tradition. Some pieces are available at my YouTube channel and my SoundCloud page. My music is written in a moderately modernist style (some would say post-modernist…), like the following Sonata for clarinet and piano,

Sheet music for the clarinet sonata and several other instrumental works are available from the British music publisher Forton Music.

I compose choral music by means of the outstanding UVI libraries made by Virharmonic — like the following piece, «Domine Deus» (used in the American movie Catching Broken Glass),

My compositions have been performed both in Norway and abroad. I am available for new commissions, so please send me a message if you have any questions. I also make miniature pieces on demand (jingles, ringtones, and the like).

My primary composition tool is the notation software Notion, which now is owned by PresonusNotion is still less used than Finale and Sibelius, but it is an extremely powerful program, with a great future ahead. I offer tutoring in Notion, both to groups and individuals. I also have experience with a wide variety of sample libraries and how to use them within Notion (libraries from Spitfire, Vienna Symphonic Library, Virharmonic and other companies). Please contact me for further details. 


I have more than twenty years teaching and research experience from different academic institutions in Norway, where I have been working within the field of philosophy at Bergen University, Stavanger University and Telemark University College. You can read my doctoral thesis (published in Norwegian in 2000) via this link. You will find one of my English papers here, and another one here.

I am available for freelance lecturing within a broad philosophical area, on issues pertaining not only to music and other art forms, but also to politics, religion, ethics and science. Please send a message to if you want me to deliver a philosophically focused lecture — academic or more informal — on any of the mentioned matters.


Through my work in philosophy and music, I have developed substantial language skills. Please contact me at if you need help with translation of texts written in French, Italian, German or any of the Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish).

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